Hi, I’m Ciera Maddox

I am a UX designer in Portland, OR with experience in bringing ideas to life through the user experience process. With a background in art therapy and graphic design, my passion lives at the intersection of human psychology and visual design.

“You really showed a great deal of creativity, professionalism and passion. Wish you all the best!”

-The Ziplunch Team

“Supervisory Console is beautiful. It’s blowing my mind how good the UX is. Nice job on this. Setting this next to anything out in the market is night and day. Really good Ciera.”

-Ryan Parr, VP of Design at Sprinklr

UX Design

An administrative portal for restaurant owners to manage food deliveries. 

House 2 Home


Find all of your home repair and maintenance needs in one place, from inspiration, research, scheduling and payment.



An app that bridges the gap between you and your library.

Graphic Design

Personal Projects